Gearing Up (In Style) For Your Trip To The Snow
Gearing Up (In Style) For Your Trip To The Snow

Gearing Up (In Style) For Your Trip To The Snow

07 January 2020 By Ally Carey

The alpine environment is a beautiful destination for winter or summer holidays. We're all about 
both style and function; and so is Volvo.

We've tried and tested the XC90 and it has virtually everything you need to get the most out of your adventures to the mountains, both is winter and summer.

The Volvo XC90 has world-class safety features that make it a perfect fit for rugged mountain roads. Intuitive technology like the Blind Spot Monitor and Cross-Traffic Alert help your reflexes to better avoid obstacles. If it senses danger, it will give you both visual and audible cues.

The XC90 T8 R Design Plug-In Hybrid is a favourite - it uses Volvo’s hybrid engine to give impressive performance, by utilising a turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine, combined with an electric motor. You can choose to cruise the city in silence, or when you need the performance in the country, engage all of them.

Its key features and accessories:


Volvo offers a navigation system (Sensus Navigation) that uses hard drive-based maps, voice guidance, advanced route calculation based on traffic information, Internet search functionality and the ability to set multiple destinations. The simpler map service, Internet maps, can be downloaded to the car.


Weather can give you daily and weekly weather forecasts. Set the location for which you want updated weather in the app settings. These settings can be accessed by pressing OK in display mode for the app. You can also change settings for measuring wind speed here.


Volvo’s aerodynamically designed aluminium ski holder is suitable for all types of skis and snowboards, even wider equipment with large bindings.


Exclusively designed for Volvo and fitting all our load carriers, the Space Design roof boxes are made from lightweight ABS plastic, finished in either silver or black high-gloss, and available with a volume of either 320 or 430 litres. They’ve also been designed to limit drag and feature a Dual Opening system that permits access from both sides.


For maximum protection of your rear load compartment, our durable, dirt-resistant cover spreads across both the floor and side walls, as well as the rear seats.

Images & video: Will from Snowsport for GQ by Kids Of Bill.